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We are able to offer solutions in the following areas:
  • Strategy design
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retrenchment advice
  • Investment & Taxation Planning
    • Superannuation
    • Retirement Income Streams
    • Estate Planning
    • Managed Funds & Direct Equity selection
  • Risk Management including
    • Life Insurance
    • Trauma Insurance
    • Income Protection
    • Business Overheads
    • Group Insurances
  • Ongoing portfolio review

To complete your personal financial plan you may also require specialist advice on matters which are not within our area of expertise (such as accountants and solicitors). In these circumstances we will flag these issues with you. We are also able to refer you onto the right professionals to assist you and can act as a liaison to ensure all of your financial needs and objectives are being met.  


What to expect as a client

Firstly, we will discuss your objectives, your plans, expectations for the future & your personal priorities with you, rather than tell you what to do. We will then help you to develop the most appropriate strategy for your needs - often a combination of strategies to maximise opportunities. We will discuss all aspects of personal financial planning including superannuation, personal direct investments and insurances.

In addition to the development of an initial strategy, we provide advice on appropriate design and structure of your financial portfolio and wealth protection arrangements.

IT Financial Services is committed to building long term relationships with our clients. We believe that the ongoing review and strategy meetings provided to all clients, along with proactive service and advice, ensures a successful partnership long into the future.


Charges and Value

We offer all potential clients the opportunity to meet with one of our advisers free of charge and obligation. This means that you have an opportunity to discuss your personal circumstances, the benefits of establishing a relationship and the possible costs involved in becoming a client before you make any decisions or commitments. We pride ourselves on not pressuring client's into decisions or attempting to "force a sale" - we would like to develop a long term relationship with our clients.

Following your initial consultation you may elect to have your adviser prepare a comprehensive financial plan based on your personal circumstances, goals and objectives. This plan will also detail our suggested recommendations. A one-off fee may be payable (up to a maximum of $1,320) should you decide to have a comprehensive financial plan prepared, and payment of this fee entitles you to consult your adviser for a period of twelve months regardless of your decision to implement the suggested recommendations.  This means that even if you are not ready to become a client for any number of reasons you will still be able to consult with us for professional personal advice.

Additionally, once you have had a personal financial plan prepared we would also be happy to prepare separate comprehensive advice to any member of your family at no additional charge.

Our basic philosophy is to charge an annual ongoing asset management fee (payable monthly in arrears) rather than the high up-front commissions, which are still so common, or time costs which can be uncertain. This way, our success can only occur by satisfying our clients' needs on a long term basis. It also means that you are not discouraged to contact us or arrange an appointment at any time you feel you need to.

Additionally, we do not charge fees to switch clients from one investment to another should this become necessary. This allows our client's peace of mind that any recommendations we make for alterations to your portfolio over the years are made solely with your interests in mind.

All investments are subject to some form of fees or charges. The total fee structure varies from client to client depending on your investment strategy & all fees will be fully discussed & disclosed in writing in your personal financial plan. You should understand them before accepting our recommendations.









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