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How we help you

We work with you in partnership to:
  • Understand where you are financially
  • Provide clarity to your goals and aspirations
  • Develop your financial blueprint to work towards your lifestyle objectives
  • Be a financial lifestyle coach, continually monitoring and fine-tuning your programme to meet changing personal and market conditions
  • Be there as a sounding board for intended financial commitments and plans
  • Measure your financial risk profile and match strategies and investments to this
  • Have financial knowledge to offer strategic options and recommendations
  • Demystify financial jargon and embark on a journey of financial knowledge sharing
  • Provide final solutions
  • Research the myriad of investment solutions available to cull and select appropriate investments to fit in with your strategies
  • Continually monitor investments and recommend changes to improve your portfolio where necessary


Who do we help

Since 1985 our advisers have provided personal financial advice to eight thousand individuals and corporates. Ian Tonkinson, managing director and principal adviser of IT Financial Services still meets with many of these clients, and with the team of advisers around him, we are able to provide excellent ongoing service to our valued clients.

Individuals - through our radio programmes (which Ian Tonkinson commenced on radio 2UE, and later 2GB over seventeen years ago), advertising, corporate benefits programmes and industry body representations, we work with individuals including those who are:

  • Starting on their wealth creation journey
  • Have accumulated assets and need to structure their financial affairs in a tax efficient manner
  • Need to protect financial wealth or provide financial protection to their families
  • Are in pre-retirement planning and needing to structure assets in the most effective way possible
  • Are retired and requiring income from their accumulated assets
  • Seeking to plan for intergenerational wealth transfer through effective estate planning

Corporates - we work with management teams from companies and are able to provide value to employees and contractors of companies. These services position companies as ‘employers of choice'.


Who is Apogee Financial Planning

Apogee Financial Planning - Apogee Financial Planning Limited is an Australian Financial Services Licensee and each our advisers are authorised representatives of this Group. Apogee, which means peak or summit, is a leader in the Australian financial services marketplace & a member of the National group of companies. They in turn support us with significant technical advice & research, Corporate Governance advice and back office assistance.

All financial products recommended by us and Apogee have undergone rigorous research and analysis before being approved for use.

We have enclosed a copy of our Financial Services Guide and Privacy Notification Statement for your information. This provides further details about Apogee FP and your financial adviser.







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